Welcome to Our Inaugural Post on Our New Site!

We’ve been blogging about our travels for over three years.  In that time we visited all 50 states in the United States and over 15 countries; publishing about 125 blog posts and sharing hundreds of pictures.  Up till now, we’ve shared our blog posts primarily with family and friends through Facebook links to our blogspot.Reitrees Suitcase Logo-01

Now we are hosting our blog on our own new web site: RetireesOnTheGo.com.  This new site gives us more creative freedom with our blog and hopefully will allow us to reach more readers throughout the world.  RetireesOnTheGo will allow us to continue to share our travel stories, photos and tips, and will also allow us to provide you more links and information about resources that we hope will help you with your travel needs.

We didn’t want to lose all the information from our old blog so we rolled over all of our old posts.  They are now much easier to use as a resource since you can easily search through them by location in the “Pick a Location!” section.  If you need even more power you can use the “Search” feature and search all of our posts for any keyword you choose.

We’ve set it up so you can follow RetireesOnTheGo on Twitter and Facebook.  Our name on Facebook is “Retirees On The Go” (with spaces) and “RetireesOnTheGo” (no spaces) on Twitter.  We also have links on our site which you can use to follow us.  Also note our two new logos!  We’re really proud of how they convey the primary themes of our blog!

Retirees on the GO-01Again, welcome to our new site.  We’re still doing some development and we expect the site to evolve, but we’re ready for you to start kicking the tires.  Please look around, try the search features, subscribe and/or follow us, and of course, send us comments on what you think!

Marvin and Mona


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  1. Sheryl July 23, 2015 at 3:32 pm #

    Love how both logos look.

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