Having dined on our last delicious breakfast at the Harpswell Inn and after receiving hugs from Ann, it was time to move on to our next destination.  (Note: I can’t recall ever having received hugs from any other innkeeper or hotel manager before!)

It was raining when we left and it rained throughout the six hour drive down along the coast of Maine, across New Hampshire and across Vermont.  Even so, we got to see some incredible fall colors, especially as we drove across the Green Mountains.  Mona was driving and I kept having her stop so I could take yet another picture…and another….and another.

Newhart’s Inn

Along the way we passed through East Middlebury, Vermont, near our Inn.  There in East Middlebury is another B&B that’s just a little more famous than ours.  Recognize it?  It’s the B&B used for the outside shots of the Bob Newhart Show!  Another recognizable spot that’s nearby are the Otter Creek Falls which are beneath Main Street, Middlebury.  These falls were used in the movie Me, Myself and Irene.

Otter Creek Falls

Our B&B is the Cornwall Orchards Bed and Breakfast.  It’s a restored farmhouse built in 1783 and situated on 14 acres of orchards.  Juliet, the Innkeeper, told us we could wander through the orchard and pick whatever we wanted.  Our room here isn’t as lavish as Harpswell, but Mona’s feet can reach the floor from the bed.  (Wish we had a pic of her standing next to that bed!)
William’s Sugar House

A few miles past the Inn is a Maple Syrup House, called theWilliams Farm.  We stopped by and met a man and his wife who appeared to be in their eighties and both had been farming maple syrup for most of their lives.  They told us how the trees are tapped and how the sap is boiled down to the syrup.  The husband showed us a picture of him as a young boy, with a wagon of syrup being pulled by a team of oxen.  He’s been in the business a long long time!

We found a nice place in Middlebury for dinner.  You wouldn’t believe the huge stuffed mooseheads they had adorning the walls. Huge!
Our B&B

This really is a quaint area…feels like we’re in England.  Lots of English named towns such as:  Corwall, Essex, and Underhill.  And, Middlebury is the shiretown.  Not to mention, we’re just a few miles from the Northeast Kingdom.  Most of the people here have a slight English accent, with a hint of French.  After all, we’re just 85 miles from French Quebec.

Now,  to settle in for the evening.  Like the other B&B, this one does not use locks for the inside, nor the outside doors.  I could get used to this….NOT!  Give me a couple of deadbolts and a cylinder lock and I can sleep like a rock!  Oh well, will have to tough it out here in the wilds of Vermont.

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