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Streets of Savannah We’ve always had this mental picture of Savannah, with magnolia trees everywhere, and tall oaks dripping with Spanish moss; all amid quiet tranquil beauty.  Pretty vivid mental pics, yet neither of us had ever been to Savannah.   That all changed a couple of days ago as we turned off Route I-16 […]

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Montreal's Notre Dame

Oh Canada!

  Wow, can’t believe it’s already October 1st…the first day of my favorite month!!!  I love all the fall colors and fun…and it will be even better as a retiree! Our day began with a drive through some Vermont back roads to get to a bridge across Lake Champlain into New York. Yes, we looked for Champ, but […]

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  Having dined on our last delicious breakfast at the Harpswell Inn and after receiving hugs from Ann, it was time to move on to our next destination.  (Note: I can’t recall ever having received hugs from any other innkeeper or hotel manager before!) It was raining when we left and it rained throughout the six hour drive down […]

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More ME!

  We had planned to go looking for whales today, but a front came in and the resulting rain caused our boat trip to be cancelled.  So, we took this as an opportunity to further explore the Harpswell peninsulas and islands. First up was a little geocaching…have to keep our streak going!  Our first cache site was in […]

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The Harpwell Inn


  We started our morning by driving over to the House of Seven Gables.  It’s a wood frame house that sits right beside the shore.  And, yes it does have 7 gables.  I counted. Interestingly, when Nathanial Hawthorne wrote his book the house had only 3 gables. That’s because the owners had modified it to eliminate 4 of them.  […]

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