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Road to Niagara

  We started our day with yet another wonderful breakfast….appetizer included.  I’ve already been warned not to expect anything like this at home!  I suppose that means it’s back to Wheat Chex and soy milk…oh, well, it was wonderful while it lasted! Until this trip we had never stayed at a Bed and Breakfast before..and never really wanted to.  […]

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Montreal's Notre Dame

Oh Canada!

  Wow, can’t believe it’s already October 1st…the first day of my favorite month!!!  I love all the fall colors and fun…and it will be even better as a retiree! Our day began with a drive through some Vermont back roads to get to a bridge across Lake Champlain into New York. Yes, we looked for Champ, but […]

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  Having dined on our last delicious breakfast at the Harpswell Inn and after receiving hugs from Ann, it was time to move on to our next destination.  (Note: I can’t recall ever having received hugs from any other innkeeper or hotel manager before!) It was raining when we left and it rained throughout the six hour drive down […]

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