About Us

We’ve always loved to travel and now that we’re retired we travel even more.  We love cities, outdoor activities, adventure, geocaching, and meeting new people.  We travel by plane, train, automobile and cruise ship…whatever takes us where we want to go.  We don’t always go the cheapest route but we do try to be frugal using any means possible to get the lowest price on whatever we do.

Since retiring we’ve visited all 50 U.S. states and over 45 countries.  We can’t wait to add to that list!

In our blog we share our experiences and tips on ways to improve your travel.  We hope that you’ll find some information that will help you as you plan your next trip.

And for the record, Marvin does the writing and is responsible for all of the bad jokes and most of the obscure references to movies, jokes, etc.  Mona is the artist and is responsible for any of the great pictures, logo design and anything else requiring a critical eye.

We are based in Central Illinois and it’s a great central location for road tripping throughout the United States.

Here’s a picture of our TripAdvisor map showing the places we’ve been.

MNM’s Travel Map as of 6/20/2017

We hope you enjoy our blog!

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