On the Road Again

When we retired we decided that a cool goal for 2012 would be to visit all the 48 contiguous states and to geocache in each one.  We started working on this goal in February and have since visited and geocached in all but 13 of the 48.  Today, we began the final trip of this journey with the intent to hit all 13 of the Northeast states in the next few weeks.  We’ve really been looking forward to this trip as neither of us has ever really visited the Northeast.  Yeh, we’ve been to Boston, New York, etc. but we’ve never driven through the countryside, never eaten at a lobster shack and have never climbed the steps of a lighthouse.  Hopefully, all that changes soon!

At the Drive In

Today was pretty uneventful.  We left Decatur about 10:30 and pretty much drove straight through to Obetz, Ohio, stopping once to eat and another time to pick up our Ohio cache. We checked into our hotel and began looking for a place to eat.  We asked the hotel manager where we could get a bite to eat and a glass of wine.  He said, “10 miles back on the freeway.”  Apparently, we landed in a dry city…not even a glass of wine to be had.  So…10 miles back we drove.

We had a nice meal and then on the way back we noticed an unusual sign, “Drive In Wine and Beer.”  Drive In?!?!?  This intrigued us so we pulled in.  It truly is a drive-in…you drive into the building and on either side of your car are fridges with wine and beer.  There must have been 40 feet of fridges on each side of us!  Amazing!  We pulled in behind another car and finally it was our turn.  A young man came up to the car, asked us what we wanted and then he got it out of the fridge.  What a concept!

Anyway…that’s all the excitement for today.  Tomorrow, we’ll visit West Virginia and then onto Pennsylvania.  We’ll see what happens there!


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One Response to On the Road Again

  1. Linda Latham September 21, 2012 at 8:20 pm #

    Enjoy the mountains of PA. Get a visual in your mind of me trying to learn to drive a standard there! I would repeatedly make it up the hill after work and if I had to stop at the stop sign, would end up going all the way down and around half a mile to not have to stop at that stop sign!!
    It is beautiful country, hope it is not too early to catc some of the fall foliage!

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