Oh Canada!


Wow, can’t believe it’s already October 1st…the first day of my favorite month!!!  I love all the fall colors and fun…and it will be even better as a retiree!

Our day began with a drive through some Vermont back roads to get to a bridge across Lake Champlain into New York. Yes, we looked for Champ, but did not see him…darn!  That would have made for a great blog!!!  Here’s more about Champ:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Champ_(cryptozoology)


After about an hour we made it to the Canadian Border.  In advance, I had made Mona practice answering questions like: “Where are you from?”  “Is that your car?”  “Why are you traveling in to Canada?”  If you recall, the last time we encountered Border Patrol in Arizona similar questions posed quite a problem for her. I also managed to pour some ice cold water on her seat to help keep her awake.  The practice and the ice water paid off and within minutes we were through the border!

As we approached Montreal, Mona was driving and did a great job of weaving through traffic as I struggled with the French signs (Is “est” west or is it “ouest” or is that eggs?  I wish I had paid more attention to Harcourt Brace and World Incorporated back in the 60s!)

When we left Vermont, the innkeepers of the Cornwall Orchard B&B recommended a B&B in Montreal.  We really didn’t plan on going there because we thought we could find a better deal through Orbitz or Priceline.  Turns out we couldn’t so we called and made reservations at they had recommended.

The Petite Auberge, our B&B, turned out to be a walk up on a tiny street and you parked out front on the street (if you could find a spot).  This wasn’t looking good.  We tried to check in…our room wasn’t ready.  We went out for lunch, came back, room still not ready.  Finally, we went to explore the underground malls and they called us at 4:00 to say the room was ready.  Nothing had gone quite right this far and I expected worse to come.

Our Bedroom
The desk clerk walked us to our room and opened the door for us…..OMG, I thought we were in the wrong room! The first thing you see is the in-room Jacuzzi tub and the fireplace.  Then your eyes are drawn to the four poster bed.  Ahhhhh…..not sure we’ll ever leave this room for the rest of our stay in Montreal!
Half of Our Living Room

A couple of hours later we tore ourselves away from the room and walked about 300 feet to the Metro, taking it to Old Montreal.  This part of Montreal is a lot like Paris, with lots of quaint shops and restaurants.

We found a restaurant that offered some of our favorites, escargot,  salad Nicoise, and frites.  They also had a special on imported beer: Budweiser.  We passed on that!

Montreal’s Notre Dame

A bit ago I mentioned the underground malls.  Much of downtown Montreal is underground with over 1700 stores and shops.  It wore us out walking just a segment of it!  You can get just about anywhere underground but it’s a maze and easy to get lost!

After dinner we wandered around doing a little shopping and gawking….finally ending up in a little bar for drinks and desert.  Then it was time to catch the Metro back to our room and now it’s time for bed.  Bonne Nuit!


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