We love the food in Vicksburg so we thought we could also get a really great Southern breakfast there.  We asked the ladies last night at Rusty’s as to where the best breakfast in Vicksburg was.  In unison they replied, “Waffle House!”  I thought we needed another opinion so this morning I asked a staff person at our hotel.  Without hesitation, she said, “Waffle House!  And there’s one right beside the hotel!”  So, Waffle House it was.  Turns out they were right.  No red-eye gravy, but everything else was good.  The grits were second only to the cheese grits we had at Rusty’s last night.

We had been talking about our route home.  Our original plans were to spend a night in Memphis and then cruise back to Decatur on Friday.  But, we’ve been to Memphis several times and since we’re headed out again on Monday we decided just to drive on….giving us an extra day to catch up and repack.  So, home it was….about ten hours of driving on this beautiful day!

Got home around 8:30….and I know it’s trite, but it’s also true.  There’s no place like home!

P.S.  Maryellen: Yes, we’ve searched for aliens, but we didn’t search for Elvis.  We already know where he is….and he says “Hey!”

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