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Breakfast here at the Popular Inn requires guest participation, particularly if you want orange juice.   Mona “manned” the juicer for us and then we went outside to enjoyed our fresh squeezed Florida orange juice along with banana bread and fresh fruit.  What a great way to start the day!

Afterwards, we walked to the eastern end of the key.  (One of us had already been there this morning to enjoy the sunrise…any guesses as to who?)  There, we visited the southernmost point of the continental U.S., only ninety miles from Cuba.  At that point you stand closer to Havana than to Miami.

Used a Makita to Drill the hole

All that walking made Mona hungry for her second breakfast, so we stopped at the Six-Toed Café where all the tables are in the shape of cats’ paws with six toes. There we had Key Lime Pie which Mona declared was the best Key Lime Pie she ever had…and that’s saying a lot because Mona is a key lime pie expert!

Our next major milestone was truly a milestone….or rather a milepost.  Milepost 0 for U.S. Route 1.  Route 1 begins in Fort Kent, Maine, at the Canadian border and travels almost 2400 miles to this point.  All that distance, just to get here!

Duval Street is just a couple of blocks from Milepost 0 and Mona has been itching to shop so off we went! First stop, Crazy Shirts!  Second stop, another Crazy Shirts down the street. Third stop….you guessed it…back to the first Crazy Shirts.  Is this crazy or what?!?!

Sunrise on Key West

The rest of the day we walked, shopped, ate seafood and then repeated the cycle.  It was a day of sacrifice…all those oysters, conch and shrimp who were sacrificed to satisfy our seafood cravings!  So many seafood restaurants here and so little time!

At 6:00 we headed back to Mallory Square for the sunset.  Again it was a carnival atmosphere but with lots more people than last night.  But no super sunset tonight; too many clouds.  So glad we got the great sunset last night!

Finished the night visiting The Garden of Eden….who knew it was here!?!?  Then a late night dinner at Forgarty’s.  (seafood of course!)

We love Key West. This is a new favorite place for us and we plan to come back.  However, we have decided that when we return we will need supervision.  Serious supervision!


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  1. Melissa October 14, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

    We knew you would love it! How could you NOT??! Great pics and blog – thanks for sharing. 🙂

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