Home! Home! Home!

Not the best way to start the day!

We started our day meeting one ofEau Claire’s finest.  He was quite polite and listened to our story about how Ross made us drive on this highway, even though we didn’t want to, just because he (Ross) had designed it.  

As luck would have it, I happened to be wearing my lucky  hat and luckily it worked!

Favorite Hat

Lucky Hat

 I’ve decided to wear it for the rest of our travels. 

Wisconsin is without doubt, beautiful…with lots of forests, lakes and rivers.  We loved driving through the state (after Officer Mike let us go) and viewing the water birds and the great scenery.

Can I get hot sauce with my night crawlers?
We told you how Montana has casinos everywhere….gas stations, steak houses, and even laundromats.  Wisconsin is a lot like that, except it’s not casinos…it’s bait shops.  Pictured is the bait shop we found at the Taco John’s we stopped at for lunch.  (We bought tacos and three dozen night crawlers.  Yum!)

We arrive in Decatur around 5:00.  We have driven almost exactly 5000 miles this trip and we visited twelve states.  We have now visited 33 states thus far this year.  That means we need to visit just 15 more states to meet our goal of visiting the 48 contiguous states this year.

The map below shows in red the states we’ve visited so far this year.
Just gotta do a little laundry and then we’ll be off again.  Can’t wait!
P.S.  Still pulling out cactus!

One Response to Home! Home! Home!

  1. Cristie June 15, 2012 at 3:28 am #

    Love the getting pulled over and the cheese hat, though steve was disappointed in the hat. 🙂 . Tyler said u need to drive slower. Glad ur home! I had just asked steve when he thought you guys would go to maine. I heard its pretty amazing

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