Heading to CT.

Dunes along the Boardwalk.


We started the morning just sitting and watching the waves roll in.  What a great way to begin our day!  We need more days that begin with watching the tide come in!  Then we walked the boardwalk doing a little shopping and ending up at the Apple Store.  They were out of AT&T iPhones so we decided it was time to move on. Maybe we’ll find an iPhone somewhere further down the line.


Driving through New Jersey was interesting to say the least.  There was a lot of construction on the turnpike and lots of areas with 45 mph speed limits.  What made it interesting was that no one drove slower than 70!  We were booking the entire time!  We finally slowed down as we approached Manhattan, crossing on the George Washington Bridge.  What an awesome bridge!!!  Traffic got a little tight through Manhattan, but finally opened up as we left the Bronx.


On the George Washington Bridge
We wanted to get our New York cache near New Rochelle, just past the Bronx. We looked for three different caches with no luck.  We finally gave up and got back on I-95 and headed to Connecticut. We’ll be back in New York next week so we’ll get a cache then.
Mystic Evening
We ended up in Mystic, Connecticut.  It’s a beautiful little town with lots of old houses and boats everywhere.  We plan to explore more tomorrow.   (Yes, this is the home of Mystic Pizza!)


We had dinner at the Oyster Club.  They had several varieties of oysters, all local.  I’ve never seen a menu like that so I asked the waitress about the difference between the oysters.  She explained that some are briny/salty; some are sweet and some even taste fruity. Our choices were the briny local oysters and the sweet Rhode Islands.  It was amazing how different the two types tasted.  They were both excellent, especially the sweeter Rhode Islands.  I never knew oysters could taste so good!  And, for the first time, Mona liked raw oysters! Could this be a new trend?


Now, we’re trying to adjust to our hotel room.  Last night we stayed in a $4000 suite and tonight we’re in an $80 Quality Inn room.  No gold faucets nor an in-room sauna tonight, but the TV works and the toilet flushes so all is good!



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