Dixie Road Trip – Dixie Driving

We left Bardstown this morning around 8:00, driving eastward on Route 150.  Saw lots of beautiful horse farms and and we saw many homes that looked as though they had been abandoned 100 years ago, except for the refrigerators on the porch and the new F150s in the drive.  Very interesting to see such contrasts on one highway.

Mona soon realized we were driving very near to Cumberland Falls.  Along with her first husband and her daughter Laura, Mona (Laura’s dad) had spent two vacations there and she thought I’d like to see thefalls.  Sounded good to me so we took a little detour off into

the Kentucky wilderness and meandered to the falls.  Even as we parked we could hear the water flowing through the rocks….one of Mona’s favorite sounds!


The falls are beautiful and we got to see two rainbows from
the first observation platform.  We walked a couple of trails to see several different views of the falls.  This would definitely be a great place to vacation!


We then drove south on I-75 to Knoxville and then turned East on I-40.  Just outside of Knoxville we stopped for lunch and gas.  I “gassed up” the car and off we went.  About thirty miles later Mona exclaimed, “We’re almost out of gas!!!”  I guess I only virtually gassed up the car and now we were deep into the mountains with no gas stations in sight.  As Walter would say, “Dumbaaaasssss!)


Well, anyway it was a beautiful drive through the Smokey Mountains.  Lots of streams, mountains and wonderful views.  Of course, the drive would have been less stressful had we had a little more gas in the car!ccWe finally got into Asheville, North Carolina, around 4:00.  By then it was pouring down rain thus limiting our outdoors activities and since we were still a little stressed we decided we needed some high class escapism.  So, off to the movies we went!
I 40 Eastbound

Eastbound on I 40

We saw The Avengers and loved it!  Great fun movie with lots of action and comedy.  Be sure to stay to the absolute end!

By the end of the movie the rain had slacked off so we went geocaching and found our 800th cache.  Then to Chili’s for dinner.  We met three guys there….one of which had played fastpitch softball at Borg-Warner field in Decatur.  Also, the bartender was born in Springfield, Illinois.  Small World!  (But I wouldn’t want to paint it!)  (Hmmm…do you know where that line came from?)



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