Dixie Road Trip – Bardstown, KY

Today we began our Dixie Road Trip….a short driving trip through most of the states south of the Mason Dixon Line.  We’ve been to all of the states on our itinerary, but this trip will take us on different routes so we get to see many new sights along the way.  And, of course, we’ll be geocaching in every state we visit.  We have geocached in only 12 of the 48 states we plan to hit this year, so we’re counting on adding a few more this trip.

My Old Kentucky Home

We drove through Indiana today and down to Bardstown, Kentucky.  Bardstown is a small town of about 10,000 and is about 45 minutes south of Louisville.  There are lots of historic sights in Bardstown, including the home that inspired Stephen Foster to write “My Old Kentucky Home.”  There was a cache in front of the home and they had an outside music system playing Stephen Foster songs.  Very cool!

Private tasting!

Bardstown is also famous for its bourbon distilleries…there must be ten of them within a 20 mile radius.  All of them have tours and tastings…but unfortunately, they all close around 4:00 PM….just when we got here.  No problem, we’re creative and had our own private tasting!

Kentucky Hot Brown

Dinner was at Mammy’s Kitchen…a local diner that specializes in Souther cuisine.  Appetizers were fried green tomatoes.  For dinner I tried Kentucky Hot Brown: two slices of Texas toast, covered with turkey and ham, then covered in turkey gravy and ham gravy.  Then bacon and a couple of layers of cheese.  It gets broiled then a slice of tomate is the garnish…gotta make it healthy!  It’s so rich I couldn’t eat even half of it.  I think this would be an ideal food for teenage boys!

After dinner we cached.  There are caches throughout town at historical places.  It’s a great way to get a guided tour of the area and to get some exercise.

Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby!  Between us we’ve wanted to go the Derby for 90 years…talk about a long-term bucket list item! Tomorrow, it happens!

P.S…..saw these in a store window next to Mammies…guess who they remind us of?

In a local store window

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  1. Julie May 5, 2012 at 10:28 am #

    Love the red solo cups! Been to Louisville early in Derby week but never for the big show. Some great memories! Have a fantastic time!

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