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On the Road Again

When we retired we decided that a cool goal for 2012 would be to visit all the 48 contiguous states and to geocache in each one.  We started working on this goal in February and have since visited and geocached in all but 13 of the 48.  Today, we began the final trip of this […]

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Water Water Everywhere!

  “Windshield wipers slapping time, I was holding Mona’s hand in mine…”  Yep, today was a rain day…over four hours of driving in the rain.  But, I’m ahead of myself…now let’s start from the beginning… We started east from Fargo, North Dakota and quickly crossed the Red River into Minnesota.  The landscape here is dotted with lakes (Minnesota is […]

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WWII and Beyond

Today, we started our latest trip: headed to the northwestern and northern states: The Dakotas, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, etc. We began our trip by visiting Peoria, Illinois with Monte and Aleta to see a reenactment of one of the battles of Normandy. Before the battle we were briefed by representatives of both sides (Axis and Allies) to learn […]

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I think the biggest change from working to retirement is the mind change. It became most apparent on our recent vacation. As most know, we’re big on vacationing. But always before, the last two or three days of vacation were filled with thoughts of work: How many hundreds or thousands of emails will I have […]

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Home Sweet Home!

Day 27 – 1360!

Started our day in Topeka, Kansas.  Surely you know, as I now do (because I lost a bet with Mona), that this is the capital of Kansas. Soon, we’re not in Kansas anymore.  We’ve crossed into Kansas City, Missouri.  It’s amazing how many twists and turns I-70 takes through this city!   It’s quite apparent we’re […]

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Blog Number 1

This is our first blog….who would have thought that we would take so long to start blogging, given our technology careers?!?! Well….at least we’ve finally started. Yesterday, we began our trip to California. We left Decatur early and drove to the loft in St. Louis. We had to meet up with our Loftsitter to drop off the […]

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