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Casino at Monte Carlo


We made our way to Monaco via a TGV high speed train from Gare de Lyon in Paris.  High speed trains are wonderful, but for one minor detail.  Don’t try to look at the scenery up close…it’s all a blur as  it flashes past.  Just look out into the distance and you’re fine!  Another word […]

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Moulin Rouge

More Paris

There is much to see and do in Paris…it would take weeks and weeks to see it all.  There are monuments everywhere and there are museums for virtually every subject:  from French Impressionist to Modern Art to well, just about everything…! We also visited the Military Musuem which is located adjacent to Napoleon’s Tomb.  Here […]

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Getting to Normandy For years the four of us (Monte, Aleta, Mona and I) have talked about visiting Normandy.  Monte and Mona’s dad landed there the day after D Day; Aleta’s dad was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries he suffered in WWII; and my dad served as part of the garrisoning troops in Germany […]

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Paris At Last!

I’m trying out a new way to write my blogs…this time with an iPad connected to a Bluetooth keyboard.  Up till now I’ve used a laptop to write these, but that’s simply too much weight to carry on this trip.  So…I apologize in advance for the extra typos and spelling errors.  I don’t have as […]

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