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Sagrada Familia

One of the highlights of Barcelona is the incredible Sagrada Familia designed by Antoni Gaudi.  Construction of this huge church began in 1882 and it’s estimated that it will be completed in 2026; the hundredth anniversary of Gaudi’s death. Our visit began on the east side of the building known as the Nativity Facade.  This […]

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The Parthenon

Flashback Friday – Athens

Visiting Athens is like visiting three cities at once.  There’s the modern city with its block-like buildings jammed up to one another and with little difference between them other than color.  Then you see the Roman city scattered about; the Temple of Zeus, Hadrian’s Gate and the Roman Agora.  But what most visitors, ourselves included, […]

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Grazie, Roma.

We’ve spent the past few days walking and seeing the sights of Rome.  There is so much to see…and in these eight days we’ve seen a lot!  More baroque churches than we can count; ancient Roman ruins everywhere; elaborate fountains on every corner and pizza; columns and columns and columns…and the list goes on. We […]

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Walking Rome

Today was our day to just walk around central Rome.  Nothing fancy to see…just walking.  Of course, you can’t walk anywhere here without seeing ancient Roman buildings more than 2000 years old, or incredible Renaissance works of art, literally on on the corner, or churches filled with Baroque wonders and artifacts from the ancient Christian […]

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David in the Piazza delia Signoria


We caught another fast train out of the Termini station and headed for a day trip to Firenze…or as we say in English, Florence.  We soon moved out of the rainy Rome region and back into sunny Tuscany where we saw olive groves, vineyards and beautiful green hills.  At 150 mph it was only 90 […]

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