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The top warrior of the clan.

Cruising the Pacific on the Carnival Legend

We have had a long-standing goal of crossing the Atlantic via ship, but for some reason we didn’t have a similar goal for the Pacific. All that changed when we noticed that Carnival had a separate division in Australia and one of their cruise offerings was an 18 day cruise from Sydney to Honolulu visiting […]

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The Carnival Conquest

Cruising to Aruba and Curacao

We wanted to do another winter cruise this year so we booked an eight day cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale starting the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  This meant we needed to fly the day after Thanksgiving but we figured it would be an easy fly day since it was in the middle of the holiday weekend. Wrong. […]

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North to Alaska!

For years we’ve talked about visiting Alaska after we retired and finally it was time for us to make that journey.  This trip would help us achieve one goal by being the 50th state we have visited.  It would also bring us one step closer to another goal of caching in 50 states…making it the 49th state we’ve cached […]

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Life at Sea

Our cruise experts (Cousins Randy and Mary Ann) told us that they liked having extra days at sea.  We were skeptical, but decided to follow their advice and booked a cruise with two days at sea.  I was nervous about this….how would we fill all this time!?!?!? Looking up the Atrium    As I mentioned in the our […]

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