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  We began our day with breakfast overlooking the beach.  Sunshine, palms trees, gentle sea breeze….and dollar Bud Lights!  We passed on the Buds, but it’s not often we get offered them for breakfast. About this time our trip took a little detour.  Back in Key West, while carrying luggage up to our room, I […]

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Key West Sunrise

More Key West

  Breakfast here at the Popular Inn requires guest participation, particularly if you want orange juice.   Mona “manned” the juicer for us and then we went outside to enjoyed our fresh squeezed Florida orange juice along with banana bread and fresh fruit.  What a great way to start the day! Afterwards, we walked to the […]

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Key West Sunset

Key West

Mona’s second sunrise   It was October, 11th, 2012, early in the morning and we were headed east towards Chattanooga, Tennessee.  All of a sudden bright light appeared on the tree line ahead of us.  “OMG, what is it?!?” gasped Mona.  To which I calmly replied, “It’s called a sunrise.” Yep, Mona was up early […]

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Niagara and More

  Did you know….??? 150,000 gallons of water goes over the American Falls per second.  600,000 gallons per second for the Canadian Falls.  So…750,000 gallons of water per second. If you live to be 80 you will probably drink about 14,600 gallons of water. What can you learn from this??? Simple:  Do not stand under […]

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Road to Niagara

  We started our day with yet another wonderful breakfast….appetizer included.  I’ve already been warned not to expect anything like this at home!  I suppose that means it’s back to Wheat Chex and soy milk…oh, well, it was wonderful while it lasted! Until this trip we had never stayed at a Bed and Breakfast before..and never really wanted to.  […]

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Montreal Day Two

Our Front Door This suite is reminiscent of our old loft.  City sounds, city lights and lots of restaurants and clubs within walking distance. All that, coupled with a great bed, made for a great night’s sleep.  That was followed by a wonderful breakfast which was led off by a breakfast appetizer. Never had one of those before! Tour […]

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Montreal's Notre Dame

Oh Canada!

  Wow, can’t believe it’s already October 1st…the first day of my favorite month!!!  I love all the fall colors and fun…and it will be even better as a retiree! Our day began with a drive through some Vermont back roads to get to a bridge across Lake Champlain into New York. Yes, we looked for Champ, but […]

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