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  Having dined on our last delicious breakfast at the Harpswell Inn and after receiving hugs from Ann, it was time to move on to our next destination.  (Note: I can’t recall ever having received hugs from any other innkeeper or hotel manager before!) It was raining when we left and it rained throughout the six hour drive down […]

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More ME!

  We had planned to go looking for whales today, but a front came in and the resulting rain caused our boat trip to be cancelled.  So, we took this as an opportunity to further explore the Harpswell peninsulas and islands. First up was a little geocaching…have to keep our streak going!  Our first cache site was in […]

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The Harpwell Inn


  We started our morning by driving over to the House of Seven Gables.  It’s a wood frame house that sits right beside the shore.  And, yes it does have 7 gables.  I counted. Interestingly, when Nathanial Hawthorne wrote his book the house had only 3 gables. That’s because the owners had modified it to eliminate 4 of them.  […]

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  We started out from Mystic around 9:00am and got on I-95 headed for Salem, Massachusetts.  We quickly exited Connecticut and entered Rhode Island.  Rhode Island zipped by and in seemingly no time we were approaching Providence.  Mona was navigator and while looking at the maps she noticed that Plymouth was only about an hour out of our […]

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  We started our day just relaxing…sharing stories about Tuscola, pileated woodpeckers and calving glaciers…you know, the normal stuff. At Obama’s Table Our first stop of the day was Ben’s Chili Bowl.  This place is really just a hole-in-the-wall chili joint, but is famous for its chili and half smokes.  It’s frequented by Bill Cosby, Barak Obama, […]

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  Margaret and I started our day by walking to Lake Accotink and geocaching in the surrounding park. It was Margaret’s first time caching and we found one Earthcache.  We finished caching and returned home where we were greeted by the delicious smell of frying bacon. Pete was cooking breakfast.  I could get used to mornings like this!!! (Mona says […]

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Fallingwater At Last!

  Our day started with a little Apple excitement.  The new iPhone operating system came out and we “had” to download it before we did anything else.  Mine took a while, but was successful.  Mona’s went fast but was problematic…causing her to deal with problems right up to the moment we checked out.   Finally, she was done.  […]

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Flight 93

This morning we continued our journey east…finishing our trip through Ohio and then driving about twenty miles through West Virginia before making it to Pennsylvania. Shortly after entering PA we stopped at the Visitor’s Center to get some information and to pick up a couple of caches.  We asked the attendant about things to do in the area.  First she mentioned […]

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