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I think the biggest change from working to retirement is the mind change. It became most apparent on our recent vacation. As most know, we’re big on vacationing. But always before, the last two or three days of vacation were filled with thoughts of work: How many hundreds or thousands of emails will I have […]

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Home Sweet Home!

Day 27 – 1360!

Started our day in Topeka, Kansas.  Surely you know, as I now do (because I lost a bet with Mona), that this is the capital of Kansas. Soon, we’re not in Kansas anymore.  We’ve crossed into Kansas City, Missouri.  It’s amazing how many twists and turns I-70 takes through this city!   It’s quite apparent we’re […]

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Day 25 – Head East!

Sunrise Over Grand Junction The time has come to head east…back to the Lou and to Decatur.  But first, a short trip to Utah.  Geocaching is our hobby and we’re trying to find caches in all the 48 contiguous states this year.  Grand Junction is only 30 miles away from the Utah line.  So, I head west […]

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Day 23 – Such a fine sight to see!

Started our day in Winslow, Arizona.  First went to McDonalds for a quick breakfast, but more importantly for a good WiFi connection.  The connection at the Motel 6 was poor and definitely not good enough to restore my iPad. (Oops, I had wiped it Sunday evening!)  We have decided that we are definitely 3G at a minimum […]

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Day 22 – She’s NOT Going to Like It!

Mona is going to awake today to a little surprise…Arizona doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time.  All that folderol last night of setting the clocks ahead…nope, she’s not going to like it!  Me, I get an extra hour so I can start the blog early! Oh, BTW…I was right! Not exactly sure what the plans are […]

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