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Day 8 – Slowing down

  S-L-O-W-I-N-G it down. Time to relax and enjoy.   Started our day with a walk around the resort.  Headed west first…with a great view of Mount San Jacinto.  This mountain rises almost 10,000 feet from the valley floor.  No foot hills here…just up!   The resort is hosting an auto show and auction. Duesenbergs, Masseratis, […]

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Day 5 – Wow! Look at that!!!

This just in… Aliens cheat at cards! Started the day by walking outside and enjoying the weather. Then went alien-geocaching…found some…geocaches, not aliens. Did a little alien-shopping (You can’t just pick the first alien you see!) and then hit 285 south for Carlsbad. Roswell is said to be three hours from anywhere….Carlsbad is even farther! Finally arrived […]

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Welcome to All!

Day 4 – The Truth is out there!

We started the day with an incredible Santa Fe breakfast at our hotel.  Blue corn pancakes, huevos rancheros and fried potatoes. Unbelievably delicious!  We didn’t eat again till after 6 PM.   The Miracle Staircase After breakfast we went next door to the Lorretto Chapel. This little chapel is famous for its stairway to the […]

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Day 2 – More driving

This whole retirement thing is still taking some getting used to….especially on this first retirement vacation.  We’ve never traveled without timetables and agendas.  While working even our “free” time was allocated and time-slotted.  Now…we get up when we want to and we drive as much, or as little, as we want to.  On this day […]

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Blog Number 1

This is our first blog….who would have thought that we would take so long to start blogging, given our technology careers?!?! Well….at least we’ve finally started. Yesterday, we began our trip to California. We left Decatur early and drove to the loft in St. Louis. We had to meet up with our Loftsitter to drop off the […]

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