• Alaska
  • Sedona, Arizona
  • Coachella Valley, CA
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Rhodes, Greece
  • Honolulu
  • Mesa Verde, Colorado
  • Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  • Custer State Park, South Dakota
  • Athens, Greece
  • Key West, Florida
  • Waikiki Beach
  • Sanibel Island, Florida
  • Tahquitz Canyon, Palm Springs
  • Paris, France
  • Sunset, Key West
  • Iceberg, Alaska
  • Monument Valley, Utah
  • Horse Drawn Sleigh, Breckenridge, Colorado
  • Portland Head Light, Maine
  • Dunn River Falls, Jamaica
  • Freeport, Bahamas
  • Sunrise On Sanibel
  • Balloon Glow, Tunica, Mississippi
  • Stingray City, Grand Caymans

Recent Posts

  • Istanbul


    The year was 2011 and we had just had an incredible week in Greece.  Next on our itinerary was a week in Istanbul, Turkey.  We really weren’t sure what to expect as we had never spent much time in a Moslem country other than a day in Tangiers, Morocco.  Would we feel out of place? […]
  • Cabo!


    Cabo, short for Cabo San Lucas, is located on the southern-most tip of the Baja peninsula.  Most people get here by plane or cruise ship; however, this trip we met people who drove all the way from Canada.  Regardless of how you get here, one of the first things you’ll see is El Arco; the […]
  • Whale Watching in Cabo

    Whale Watching in Cabo

    One of the reasons we love Cabo is the opportunity to see whales in the winter months.  In past Cabo visits we’ve tried different whale watching excursions including a replica pirate ship (The Buccaneer Queen) and a catamaran.  We’ve always seen whales on these excursions, but frankly, I was always envious of the people who […]
  • Doctor! Doctor!

    Doctor! Doctor!

    Most of our posts are about fun things to do or ways to save money, but sometimes it’s time to discuss more serious things like medical issues while on the road. Given the number of days we’re on the road it’s to be expected that sooner or later we’ll come down with some illness or perhaps […]
  • Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley

    Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley

    This is our eighteenth year visiting Palm Desert/Coachella Valley area of California.  We come here to enjoy the incredible scenery, hike in the desert and mountains and to watch polo.  This year, as in most years, Monte and Aleta visited with us, thus doubling the fun. We stayed in the Marriott’s Desert Springs Resort which […]
  • Polo Sunday!

    Polo Sunday!

    We are in Indio, a town in California’s Coachella Valley.  It’s February and it’s Sunday.  That means it’s going to be a Polo Day! We start our day by heading to the Eldorado Polo Club.  Once there we head to Roc’s Firehouse Cantina and get a table right on the edge of the patio.  We […]
  • Road Trip!

    Road Trip!

    Note: This was written about two weeks ago on our way to California.  Unfortunately, today we are in Central Illinois dealing with 6 inches of snow! It’s zero-dark thirty and we’re in our car heading west to California on our first road trip of 2016.  It’s been a warm winter this year and the forecast […]
  • When Less is More…a Woman’s Guide to Packing Light

    When Less is More…a Woman’s Guide to Packing Light

    Hi, this is Mona! Typically, my role is to help Marvin pick out pictures for the blog and to serve as the final editor.  However, I’ve got a few tips that I’d like to share from the woman’s point of view. I’m going to start my sharing with a post about packing light. I hope […]
  • Traveling Bee Kind Rocks (Guest Post)

    Traveling Bee Kind Rocks (Guest Post)

    This  is a guest post from my sister, Sheryl.  She’s been an artist her entire life and has painted on all kinds of media throughout the years.  These days her media of choice is rocks, transforming a simple river rock into a piece of art.  Sheryl is also a firm believer of random acts of […]
  • Key West Aquarium and More

    Key West Aquarium and More

    As I’ve said, before: Key West is a tiny little island, but there is so much so do here.  Most visitors know all about the restaurant and night life, but they don’t know much about what to do in the daytime.  This post discusses three different attractions in Key West that you might use to […]

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